Dr. Zand

Dr. Zand will cover Dr. Ye for the next 6 weeks.

Posted on Jun 15, 2024

Canada Day Long Weekend

Our clinic will be closed on July 1st Monday.

Posted on May 21, 2024

After Hour Clinic

Please call 905-948-9595 Monday - Thursday 5-8pm. Weekend 9am-3pm.

Posted on Apr 13, 2024

Flu Shot

Seasonal flu shot is available now. Please call to book an appointment.

Posted on Oct 17, 2023


Check webs for updates: Covid-19.ontario.ca Toronto.ca/covid-19 York.ca/covid-19

Posted on Sep 1, 2022

How to get copies of lab reports ?

Please check info under Office Policies

Posted on May 31, 2020

Choose Wisely

Choosing Wisely Canada is a campaign to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. www.choosingwiselycanada.org

Posted on Sep 27, 2015

Connect with your Family doctor via secure video from your computer at home, or on-the-go via tablet or smartphone with eVisit.

What is an eVisit?

An eVisit is just like a regular appointment; the only difference is that you will see and speak with your healthcare provider via video. Before you start the appointment, your healthcare provider will already have all relevant information about you to support your eVisit.

What do I need to do an eVisit?

eVisits are easy to do. If you currently use email and access the Internet, have a personal computer with a webcam, speaker and microphone, or a smartphone or tablet — you’ve already got all the skills and equipment you need.

How does it work?

The healthcare provider arranging the eVisit will send you an email invitation, and might give you a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Check your system or device ahead of time. For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome on your personal computer. For mobile devices, download and install the required application before your appointment. Click the test your device link to verify your internet connection, and check your device for video readiness.

When the time comes for your appointment, click the Start eVisit link. You’ll be asked to enter your name (and, if needed, the PIN you were given). A video window will open on your computer and your personal, private appointment will begin.

Is there a cost?

No. There is no cost to patients to do an eVisit.

Will the eVisit be private?

Just like an in-office healthcare appointment your eVisit will be private and confidential. It can only be seen and heard by you and your healthcare provider.



Your health information will be private. OTN knows that your personal health information is important to you and must be protected. Personal health information is any information that can identify you and link you to healthcare services you receive. OTN uses a variety of physical, administrative and technical methods to protect your personal health information. When you give your email address to your healthcare provider, we recommend you use a personal email address (a business email address is considered the “property” of an employer and subject to review by them). Also, please consider that the email address used to receive invitations carries certain risks. Although no personal information is ever shared the content of any personal email may be subject to review by third parties. OTN will have access to and use your IP address only to help us calculate and report to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MoHLTC) in which geographical region of the province you are from so OTN can estimate how many kilometers Ontarians like you don’t have to travel when using eVisit. For more information please visit our website at https://otn.ca/patients/evisit/.




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